The sorrow of the whip,

on life, make us weep,

vulnerability, keeping deep.

Fear the scythe,

to harvest our souls,

for live beneath,

unknown fears,

on this night, coming by...

As soon you sleep,

single tight, the oneiric path,

passing by, raising up the wrath,

mystery count,

on a lullaby, 

that bring drops, 

of sudden alibis.

The moon swallows,

underneath your eyes,

when rotten arrows, cross your rights,

to figure it out the fire aside,

then to soon you get risen.

For the darken thoughts, 

to incinerate,

that sun off,

of your lives…

Then a fog, swallowed us,

in fears cause the smoke,

approaching bombs,

by mi side,

killing hopes of innocent lives,

making restitution,

for lucrative choice,

for the way, this world collides,

and command us,

with a single night... 

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