Colombian musician Mick Carazo launched his solo project "Solitude" in 2019, blending his skills in drums, guitar, keyboards, and vocals with his music arranging training. Solitude's diverse music spans various rock genres such as Neo Folk, Indie, and Grunge, with some albums exploring chamber music, experimental sounds, and avant-garde elements. Mick draws inspiration from a wide range of rock and its subgenres, dream pop, synth pop, alternative rock and metal, and musique concrete.
With over 15 years of experience, Mick Carazo has been part of bands like Contracultura, Teoria del Caos, Bruno Libonati, and 1984. He holds degrees in "Maestro of Music with specialization in Music Arranging" from Universidad Incca de Colombia and a "Vocational Technical Degree in Functional Instrument Performance" from Escuela Distrital de Artes. Mick has extensive experience playing with rock, jazz, and folkloric ensembles in Colombia and has participated in numerous national festivals. He was also the winner of the "Convocatoria del Festival Buenas Letras" in 2021.
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